By Hai Lin, PT, DPT

So the majority of the population have some point in their life experienced low back pain (LBP), if you’re reading this there’s a good chance you might have also. Whether you are the trusty mechanic down the road or the 14 year old gymnast everyone can bond over the physical impact low back pain can have in everyday function and activities. In this respect everyone is privy to the debilitating effects low back pain may have. What’s even more debilitating is being unable to recognize the origin of your back pain.

Typically LBP typically stems from three origins:

  1. Neural origin
  2. Joint
  3. Muscle

Back pain that’s neural in origin is typically :

  • numbness or tingling like a pins and needles type feeling
  • may travel below your knees and further to your feet
  • may be relieved / aggravated with changes in leg positions

Back pain that’s joint in origin is typically:

  • feels like stiffness on the same side when you bend your back to the side of stiffness
  • localized to the spine, unilateral
  • affected with either bending / or extending your back
  • can be identified if I were to ask you to point to your pain with your index finger

Back pain that’s muscle in origin typically:

  • feels like a dull/ achy sensation
  • may be tenderness to touch
  • follows a distinct figure like a muscle !
  • feels like a pulling sensation one side when you bend to the opposite side the pull is on

Thinking to treat low back pain with a one size fits all solution would be a travesty. The reality is we are all complex individuals with our own unique movement systems. How I move, is different from how you move, and that would be different from how my Biomechanics textbook says how humans move. In order to ensure that you get back to doing what you love to do, know what the lock is before you insert the key in.

So make sure to schedule your appointment at Symmetry Physical Therapy (914-738-1748) after reading this post, for a thorough investigation into whats at the root of your low back pain.

From Knee to You!

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

From Knee to You!